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A-Z of Ailments and Diseases

A-Z of Natural Food and Drinks

A-Z of Minerals

A-Z of Vitamins and Organic Nutrients

A-Z of Hazards to Human Health

"Let food by thy medicine and medicine thy food"

The ancient wise words of Hippocrates should be heeded well, especially in light of so many new virulent drug resistant superbugs and toxic side effects from synthetically manufactured food additives, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and medications. See the A-Z of Hazards to Human Health.

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Foods derived from natural organic plants, organically reared free-range, naturally-fed animals and fresh sea food are the most powerful way of building health on a firm foundation. What we need are the basic elements beneath our feet - the dust of the earth. These basic elements are the 100+ minerals and trace elements that make up the earth's crust, the oceans and the human body. Once these have been correctly put into place in an individual, the victory over disease will be won.

The incredible human machine that has evolved amazing complexity, over thousands of years, works in harmony with all the organic and inorganic elements that surround it. It is also made up of all these things and uses many of them to carry out its internal processes. However, it can become overwhelmed; we often tend to poison it and spend a great part of our lives recovering from ailments that have been induced by toxic overdose, nutrient deficiencies and infections which, mostly, have been self-imposed.

Intensive farming techniques leech many vital minerals from the soil and food processing strips the vital nutrients from many foods which is causing a huge rise in malnutrition in developed countries. Fifty years of scientific studies indicate that most diseases seen in these countries especially cancer, diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders, as well as the leading causes of death, are the result of diet and the build up of toxins in the human body.

Consuming natural organic food is only the way possible to stay 100% healthy and will enable the body to cleanse itself and fight off infections and disease naturally without drugs.

The key to healing most ailments, that medicine has lost sight of, is the fact that the body heals itself naturally, if you give it a chance.

Grow Your Own Nature Cures

A-Z of Nutrients

A-Z of Natural Foods
 A-Z of Natural Food and Drinks
Lists the nutrient content, health benefits and ailments that can be remedied by consuming natural whole foods.

A-Z of Ailments
A-Z of Ailments
Links to infections, diseases and most health issues to find natural remedies and cures and foods and drinks to add to the diet or avoid.
A-Z of Hazards to Human Health

Links to information about allergies, bacterial, fungal, viral and yeast infections, drugs, food additives, parasites, pesticides and toxins in the home and natural alternatives.
Nature's Colour Codes
Nature's Colour Codes
Why food colours are important, the most nutrient dense foods and the importance of food combinations.
Cleanse and Detoxify
Cleanse and Detoxify
Natural foods to cleanse the entire system and protect against infection and disease.
Hygiene, Toxins and Health
Toxic hazards and home-made natural allergy-free cleaning products for the body and home.
Raw Juice Therapy
Raw Juice Therapy
Provides vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and cleanses the body to help with recovery from many illnesses and diseases.
Micro Diet Sprouting
Grow your own nutrient dense sprouts using a jam jar and just a daily rinse of water.
Brine Pickling
Brine Pickling
Nutrient dense pickles containing
beneficial bacteria for the intestines using Himalayan pink crystals or sea salt and water.
Air-purifying House Plants
Air-purifying House Plants
Cleanse the air of the many toxins that pollute your home.
Sports Nurtition
Sports Nutrition
athletes and all those who participate in, or have occupations that involve, regular intense physical exertion, endurance and stamina.
Medication Dangers

Drugs can have serious side effects for some people and very often they do not treat the cause of the health issue but rather the symptoms and lead to nutrient deficiencies that does further harm.

How to tell if a food is organic

PLU (Price Look Up) codes are the 4- or 5-digit numbers on produce stickers that have been used by supermarkets since 1990. They represent a globally standardised system implemented by the International Federation for Produce Standards (IFPS), a group of national produce associations from around the globe.

The system is based on 4-digit codes that are within the 3000 and 4000 series. The numbers are assigned randomly, that is, each digit does not imply anything specifically, just an overall identification number. As an example, a small Fuji apple has the code of 4129, a large Fuji apple has the code 4132.

If the 4-digit number is preceded by a 9, it indicates that it was grown organically.

Reporting side effects

If you are UK based and have ever had a bad reaction to any prescribed medications please report it to so that others will not have to go through the suffering you have. Look for your own country's similar scheme if they have one: When enough patients report adverse side effects the drug will be reviewed. If you feel that a symptom is due to a side effect of a medicine that you have taken then report it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) via their yellow card scheme:

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The Author

Nat H Hawes SNHS Dip (Advanced and Sports nutrition) is a qualified nutritional and sports therapist and author of the new book, Nature Cures, who has been researching natural foods and their health benefits since 2003.

It is hoped that this website, and the book which accompanies this website, can provide everyone with the knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid to stay healthy as well as recover from most known human ailments using natural food as medicines with no debilitating side effects.Always bear in mind though, that the medicinal effects of any food may be different from person to person as we are all so unique.


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